Advice for Caregivers
Before you start piling and filing, consider that your parent may have a part of their identity wrapped up in these old things. Letting go is painful no matter how old you are. A gentle approach is in order; you may need to take it slow, talking things out as you proceed. Be ready to compromise on what is ‘essential,’ but don’t get bogged down in lengthy reminiscences. See the process through to the end.
Emphasize how nice it will be to clear out items that serve only to clutter the space. The more unnecessary belongings are pruned out, the easier it will be to enjoy what really matters. Also, see if you can repurpose certain items. An aging parent or loved one may feel better knowing their belongings are going to a good cause.  Try being creative in how to give your loved one’s stuff new purpose and life.

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Welcome to Silver Concierge Senior Services, LLC. We are a Yardley, Pa. based service company. We provide your loved ones with a dignified, enjoyable companion who listens to their needs, wants and hopes for their next stage of life. We offer:

• Sorting assistance
• Floor planning
• Packing
• Unpacking 

In addition, our Senior Downsizing Services provides the family with support when making tough decisions about next steps for our elderly parents. We provide information on residential opportunities in the area, as well as provide support services for downsizing from the family home, as well as offer assistance with packing and selling family items.


Our team of professionals strive to provide stimulating, compassionate conversation and emotional support to your loved ones while going through the process of downsizing. ​

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